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A. Aimee wrote Rachel’s Tale — or “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” — to delight our beautiful adult bedtime stories. The main character, Rachel, is the wild mother, tired of the quotidian, burning to escape and to taste the unknown. Dealing with the world proves challenging but worth every bit of it. As the gracious version of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, Rachel offers you, the reader, a complete character. The conflict between Good Pussy and Bad Pussy makes Rachel real: the lover longing for a handsome stud fights the mother missing her little son – lover wins on the short run; the wife running away from boredom returns from the inner emptiness of deluxe harlotry – neither one matching her fate. Eventually (spoiler alert)…… There is more than one mother in this archetypal fairy tale of Rachel. It is a story about mothers that I invite you to read. Don’t worry, there’s enough craze and kink in it, enough tears and thrill, enough romance and repentance. “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” makes a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Too bad that I can’t give it to my mom, but I’ve decided to present it to my daughters. Call it entertaining education if you wish. As a mother, you can yell “no” all the time at your kids. Just keep in mind that it won’t have much of an effect. Giving them a good read is better than a long lecture.

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May 10, 2014

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