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The sky was so very blue the day his heart cracked open. So very blue.

“Come home with me, Rachel,” he said. “Please.”

She was silent for a very long moment. They were sitting in his Porsche, overlooking the Mediterranean. It was October on the French Riviera. He held his breath.

“But I can’t” she whispered softly. “You know I can’t.”

And yes, it was true, he did know it. He knew she couldn’t. In fact, he’d even said it from the beginning – that she would have to go back. But still he felt how the shaft of pain tore at his heart. And even if he knew that he knew it all along, even if he knew it from the beginning, he remembered the softness of her skin in his big white bed. She had been a delicate flower, somehow fresh and vulnerable and new for him in a way that he’d never experienced before.

Her lips were warm and sensual. Her breasts, lovely, perfect. Her pussy, waiting, welcoming… And then there was her presence, her fluidity, her openness. The sumptuous hair that framed her lovely face.

It took his breath away. She took his breath away. She was so there, so right for him. Why did she have to go?

They had had two days of uninterrupted magic, strangely enough, in the midst of all the turmoil and chaos. When time stood still. An anomaly – as if a freak of nature had occurred, or so it seemed, when the Universe stood still for them. And for those two days out of time, Albert and Rachel had belonged utterly to each other.

For some strange reason, he remembered her sitting by his pool, dangling her feet in the water. He wanted to take her in his arms, but he didn’t. He couldn’t. He sensed the gathering of tears in her eyes, tears that did not come.

“Oh Rachel,” he sighed. “We were doing so nicely…” The sky was so very blue that day. “… so nicely,” he said again as his words disappeared into the very blueness of that October sky.

He was no longer sure if the tears he felt coming were in his eyes or hers, so entwined were they at that moment. So incredible had their meeting been, however short lived it was.

Truly you cannot know what’s in another’s heart, he thought, and yet at that moment, he was quite sure he did. Quite sure he knew Rachel and knew what she was thinking and feeling as if she was his very own self. The silence between them was deep and loving.

But then her words cut through the warm October air, waking him from his dream of love undying, “You were right from the beginning, Albert, I have to go back… I have to.”

When he heard her words, he turned on the engine and drove fiercely back to the hotel where she was staying with Stefan. He didn’t say another word, but there was real pain in his eyes when he kissed her goodbye.

Two days later, she had gone back to Amsterdam on her own, leaving Albert and Stefan behind.

Excerpt from the new book “Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity” by A. Aimee. To be released on June 26, 2015. Available for pre-order on Amazon now:  http://amzn.to/19aUrr6

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“When I made love to Stefan. I knew it in my heart… I knew and understood that I had gone to a space beyond good pussy bad pussy… gone to a space beyond… because…

Real Love is unconditional.

Real Love is beyond borders.

Real Love is beyond names.

Real Love is Universal, all embracing, free.

Real Love is free flowing. Free flowing love.

Real Love is liberation.

Liberation from bondage.

Liberation from the prison of ideas.

Liberation from pain.

Liberation. Into the flow of Life.

(photo: Egotastic.com)

Feeling the free-flowing Life Force.


And there I was, feeling it again.

Feeling the Love coursing through my veins… in and through me!

Alive! Moving! Breathing! Alive!

No ownership, no yours or mine, no this or that.

Just free and unlimited, free and unlimited Bliss.

Beyond the cage of words, beyond limitation, beyond good or bad.

Beyond you belong to me and I belong to you.

Beyond good pussy bad pussy… beyond…

A Divine Knowing, a Divine Certainty…

That this is Love… Love! Unconditional Love!

The free flowing of Life.

The free expression of Life.

The free movement of it in and through me.

The bliss of that, the joy of that, the present moment awareness of that…




Even if only for a little while…”

Excerpt from “Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity” by A. Aimee

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/1IGMKoY

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We never really know where our life is going to lead us, do we? Sometimes we are in complete control, sometimes another guiding, driving force compels us into…

via What Do You Do With A Good Pussy Bad Pussy?.

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It was her innocence that brought him to his knees. It might have seemed that he was a powerful man, in control, but her softness, naivety, and openness were far more powerful than his seemingly worldly savoir faire. Was it a cruel twist of fate or poetic justice that it turned out that it was him, Albert, who was afraid of taking the plunge. He – the man of so much confidence and bravado – was the one who was afraid of leaping into the unknown.

Her wonderful, sumptuous chestnut hair framed her lovely face, but still he trembled inside, knowing it was truly she, this green-eyed beauty he hardly knew, who was leading him into uncharted waters.

It was so unexpected, it had taken him by surprise.

But he had to admit he was the one who was awestruck, trembling on the brink. But how could it be? How could a man like Albert Giovanni end up here?

The first time he fucked her, that very night, that very first night, it had just been business as usual. The usual good fuck as he was wont to do. A fast, professional fuck where they both came hard and fast, giving satisfaction to both. And when it was done, he thought it was done. Over. Another fast fuck with another beautiful woman, as had been his way.

He rolled over in the big, low bed and sighed. Closed in upon himself. Self-satisfied. But then the strangest thing happened; it just did.

And he found himself, to his own great and everlasting surprise, turning slowly towards her again on that low bed of his. He was quite sure, quite positive in fact, that he was not doing the turning. It was as if the turning towards her was happening by itself. It was definitely not something he decided to do. Definitely not something he planned or even wanted… but it was happening anyway. And as it unfolded, he watched as he began to make love to Rachel again, slowly and gently this time.

‘Whatever am I doing?’ he thought, as he caressed her and heard her sigh. But things felt different when he touched her this time, he noticed; they just did. So he continued.

‘This is another kind of love-making,’ he thought. A kind of love-making he hadn’t tasted before. Because it felt different. It just did. It felt… somehow real. Yes, real. Like heartfelt or like… well he wasn’t quite sure how it felt because it was something he’d never actually felt before. So how could he know something he’d never known before. Never tasted before… But it was happening anyway. Despite himself. Regardless of himself. Regardless. It seemed to have its own life.

‘What’s going on?’ he thought as he felt the sea air change around him. ‘What is this…’ But it was beyond his control.

It was as if a great tide from a great ocean was coming thundering in and washing over him. Bringing with it, this mysterious sea change which was sweeping through his heart.

There was no denying it.

There was a wind coming up, a great powerful wind from somewhere, from somewhere unknown and far away, from some great depth that he had within him that he’d never experienced before.

So he stopped, even though he was deep inside her, and swept back her sumptuous chestnut hair and looked into those mysterious green eyes of hers. And when he looked, he was surprised to find she was actually there. Looking back at him, meeting him there where he was, not flinching, not wavering. Just there, fully present with him, a soft smile on her lips.

‘She’s actually here with me,’ he heard the words echoing inside his head. ‘She’s actually here… present… present… ‘

That was when he knew something profound was happening between them and he felt her open and allow him to reach her depths. He was quite unprepared for how it felt. Quite stunned. It was as if the wind was rushing in his ears, making his heart tremble. And he knew he’d been allowed to enter some sacred space, as an inexplicable unleashing of universal forces that were beyond his control took place.

From my new book “Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity”.  To be released on June 26, 2015. You can pre-order the book on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/19aUrr6

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Thanks to January Gray for featuring me and my work in her Author Spotlight!


cover gpbpAbout A. Aimee or Being Amy on shaky ground

Hi. My name is A. Aimee – and the A. stands for Amy. So yes, my name is Amy Aimee. And I wrote a book called “Good Pussy Bad Pussy – Rachel’s Tale”, which is a sensual, erotic page-turner, sexual thriller and modern love story. And I’m thrilled to say that the book is getting great reviews all around (even here on the lovely and discerning January Gray site).

So what’s “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” all about? Well, to begin with, my question (or you could say my project) was: How would it be for a woman like you or me to be unabashedly lovely and loving and FREE? Really free? How would it be? To really be that?

That’s what I wanted to know. How would it be to be unequivocally and amazingly lovely and loving and free? To just…

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When a male voice artist contacted me and asked me if he could try his hand – or should I say his voice – on reading my book “Good Pussy Bad Pussy – Rachel’s Tale” – I thought: What – a man reading the innermost, private thoughts of a woman??? Could that work?

Because you see, my book “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” is written in the first person, so the whole story is told by a woman – the heroine, Rachel. As a result, the readers are constantly exposed to Rachel’s innermost thoughts and feelings in all areas of her life, including in and during sex! Because the book is an attempt to follow Rachel in her struggle to find freedom from an unhappy marriage and to find her place in a dangerous world full of men, sex, lovers, and difficult choices. Because as Rachel soon finds out, everything she does has consequences – including some that are most strange and totally unexpected!

So Good Pussy Bad Pussy is a very, very personal book because it’s all inside one woman’s head as reviewer and blogger Renee Giraldy said in her 5 Star review, “I felt like this was too real at times, like I was sneaking a peak at Rachel’s diary.”

So could a man read the start of Rachel’s tale and pull it off in a convincing manner?

I wondered!

But then I thought: Well I’m not a reverse sexist and I am working for more sexual freedom and equality for all – so why not let a man give it a try? Man or woman, we all have thoughts and emotions relating to life, our sexuality, and the situations and dilemmas our sexual drive and impulses get us into!

So I told him yes – you can give it a try! We agreed that he would read the first 10 minutes of the book (the first 5 pages). And you have the result here – which is lovely indeed. Because he used his best pillow talk voice on Good Pussy Bad Pussy!

If you’d like to listen to the result, all you have to do is click here to hear a man reading the first 10 minutes of “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” in his rich, full, sexy voice!

Hope you enjoy hearing his interpretation of “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” as much as I have!

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