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When a manly voice artist contacted me and asked me if he could try his hand – or should I say his voice – on my book “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” – I thought: What – a man reading the innermost thoughts of a woman??? Could that work? But then on second thought – I thought: Well I’m not a reverse sexist and I am working for more sexual freedom and equality for all – so why not let a man give it a try? Man or woman, we all have thoughts and emotions relating to our sexuality and the situations our sexual drive and desires get us into!

So I said yes! And well, the result is lovely indeed – as you can hear if you have a listen. Because he has such an amazing, lovely, rich, full sexy voice. So just click here to hear him read the first 10 minutes of “Good Pussy Bad Pussy”:

He also interviewed me about “Good Pussy Bad Pussy” and Tonya  Kinzer posted my answers on her Naughty Readers Blog here: http://naughtyreaders.blogspot.dk/2015/02/a-aimee-stops-in-to-talk-about-big-o.html

When I asked him to tell me a little about himself, here’s what he said: “In my travels I have experienced everything from the incredible frozen tundra of Alaska to the warm, sunny beaches of St. Lucia. At every locale, my experiences with the women I came to know in these exotic spots revealed a little more to me about how to make a woman happy and keep her satisfied. Something they all would comment about was how they enjoyed my voice during pillow talk. Since then I have gained a lot of experience as a professional voice artist and now my wife, who loves it when I read erotica to her, urges me to share this (my pillow talk voice) with the world. In doing so, my main thrust is to enhance eroticism in the lives of adventurous lovers.”

All I can say is I’m so happy his wife has encouraged him to share his sexy pillow talk voice with the world!

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